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I’m sure you’ve heard or seen Bruce Lee’s iconic quote about being water, if not please check it out below In business you have to be adaptable, you have to be able to adjust and maintain control of any situation. Set your goals and make your plans but keep an open mind and stay flexible, in other words, be water my friend.

Donald Trump tells the story of a man who had a passion for sodas so he invented a new drink and he named it 4UP but the soda did not gain traction. The guy tinkered with his formula and came up with 5UP but that failed as well. He finally perfected his formula and named the soda 6UP, but he never gained commercial success so he gave up on his dreams of becoming a soda baron. Someone later came across his formula and marketed the soda as 7UP, the rest as they say, is history. Donald Trump did not tell this story for its historical accuracy he told this story to remind everyone not to quit. It takes courage, faith and you have to be a bit delusional but you must never give up on your true passion.  When you are faced with difficulty and uncertainty, think of the 7UP story and try to persevere.