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I believe the number one reason people don’t have a business plan is because people do not know they need a business plan. It has become my duty to educate people who want to go into business to have a  solid business plan. Yes, you need a business plan to attain funding (loans, grants etc.) but you also need a business plan to give you a foundation and use as a strategic step-by-step plan.

Many people say they have a great idea or that they want to start a business, but those are just words, it only becomes reality when you plan and then act on that plan.  It is always wise to have outside counsel and advice, that’s why I offer free consultation and advice.

It takes courage to launch a business in this troubled economic climate. Success is never guaranteed, but neither is continued employment at your current job. Perhaps, launching a new business is not such a misguided proposition.

There are some things to consider, however. Most people think that starting a business merely requires a good idea, a little money and some perseverance. Those things are necessary but they are just the beginning. A successful entrepreneur also needs common sense, a little luck and most especially, a plan.

It is simply naive to start a business with no consideration given to a business plan. The integration of branding and marketing into this plan are equally valuable. An outside perspective is also useful. Many prospective business owners have not even asked a business professional for an opinion on their new product or service.

MILBO can help in every one of these areas. Our consultations touch upon the entire gamut of business development services. We can help ascertain startup costs, develop and implement a business plan and consult on branding and marketing issues. In addition, our business consultants bring a fresh perspective to every business we see. We really do think “outside the box.”

Our initial consultation is always free and is designed to foster enduring relationships. If you are ready to expand your current business or launch a brand new one in Birmingham or anywhere else in Alabama, contact the experienced professionals at MILBO.