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The Power of W.H.Y.
You just had an idea that will revolutionize your company, industry or maybe the world. I consider myself an idea(s) person, I understand the value in ideas but I also understand the value of implementing those ideas. To help implement your ideas, you need to harness the “Power of W.H.Y.”

W –What & Why – What “problem” does your idea solve and Why is your idea needed? You will discover once you begin to answer these questions, something more impactful happens, you become impassioned. Blind passion can destroy not only your idea but you as well but if harnessed right, passion could be your fuel.

H – How – When you’ve discovered What you are passionate about and Why you are passionate about it, then the inevitable How needs to be pondered. How is more technical and makes the idea more viable, you will scrap a lot of ideas in this process. You will begin to question a lot of things and pessimism will undoubtedly rear its ugly head.

Y – You – The “How” leaves you questioning many things, a lot of times, You are one of them. It becomes important to reconcile this idea within yourself, no matter your confidence level everyone has questions and concerns that they have to reconcile within themselves. Believing in yourself gives you that internal foundation, so it becomes a source of strength and validates your actions. Everyone needs that internal dialogue, this helps when things get tough as they undoubtedly will but your foundation will be strong and passion will be your fuel.