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The best business opportunities are often disguised as problems. Learn how to listen for opportunity and uncover the "hidden" wealth that's all around you. The impatient lady in the store line, the precocious little kid down the street, and especially the irate all knowing taxi driver; they all complain and exclaim the ills of the world. People tell you problems all the time, you have to listen for the opportunity.
The profits received by entrepreneurs are the consequence of their willingness and dedication to help people and their community. Entrepreneurs earn income by providing answers and solutions to people’s problems. These people include their worker or employees, the customers and the public effectively becoming a “helpreneur”. 
Entrepreneurs follow principles that always consist of courage, integrity and most importantly accountability. It’s not all about being bold and taking the risk, but it is also about being responsible on one’s actions. An accountable person not only steps forward when their is a problem but before the problem even happens they ask for the burden to be put on their shoulders.  This is not one of the romanticized parts of being an entrepreneur but it is important and necessary for any business to be successful. Can you suggest others get the praise and you step up and take the blame? 
 Most  people complain and after awhile build an immunity to most of their complaints. What makes entrepreneurs so special is that they can not only recognize a problem but they can solve it. Let me clarify this statement because many people think entrepreneurs are these lone wolves who take on herculean tasks by themselves. This is where some people get lost in their entrepreneurial quest, they don't believe they can particularly solve the problem. They believe they have to seek out a problem and work tirelessly to solve it by themselves first, that's not exactly how all entrepreneurs are formed. True, you have to recognize the problem but what makes entrepreneurs truly special is that we find help; there are tons of resources and people to help you with what ever problem you what to solve. 

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All business starters have a vision, but not all of them have the courage to do the necessary steps in realizing that vision. These few business starters who take the challenges to accomplish that vision are what we called the entrepreneurs. But entrepreneurship is not all about being courageous, it is also about having the ability to calculate the risks and generate a calculated level of confidence. All business starters have a vision, but also, only entrepreneurs create a clearer vision. So if you want to call yourself an entrepreneur, be sure to have a clear vision, courage and confidence to bring that vision into reality. 
Entrepreneurs can be distinguished from common business persons by just looking at the way they build wealth or capital. As capital or equity is increased by performing well in business to make profits, entrepreneurs focus on value and other things that can bring them lasting benefits, while typical businessmen focus on activities that can give them instant money and profits. Entrepreneurs build wealth like a tree – they plant it slowly but enjoy its fruits in the long-term. This quality provides them a long-lasting wealth that generates passive income, rather than an active income that needs to be worked out constantly to generate. This is also the reason why entrepreneurs have more chance to share their wealth to others than the typical businessmen. Entrepreneurs grow like a tree of wealth and they are generous to share their fruits to others. So if you want to claim the title of an entrepreneur, then grow like a tree and have generosity. 
As a support to their uniqueness, entrepreneurs are catalytic – they do things to make change. They are leaders, whether born or made. Their ability to lead starts from leading themselves. Then it goes all the way to business administration, human resource management and market leadership. Entrepreneurs give life to business and not the other way around. They employ people to help each other as an organization. They find market in the blue ocean and make it accessible to people. They do business to change not only their lives, but also to change the lives of others. This is one of the qualities you need to possess to become a genuine entrepreneur. 
Entrepreneurs are famous for their unique concepts and ways of realizing these concepts. A common businessman starts a business from an existing concept, while an entrepreneur starts a business from his own unique idea – this is where innovation takes place. Entrepreneurs are the first to find unique solutions to people’s common problems. Hence, if you want to become a real entrepreneur, you should have a sense of originality and a since of distinction. 
Every great entrepreneur knows to build a world class company means you have to become a world class entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is a craft and learning it is no different from learning music or any other demanding craft. Entrepreneurs have an intense and purposeful willingness to master their craft.  How committed are you to your craft/passion, evaluate yourself today.
Entrepreneur… how cool it is to be called an entrepreneur. But how can one really become a true entrepreneur? A person is not what he calls himself. He’s not even what people call him. A person becomes what he does and what he keeps on doing. We cannot just call ourselves entrepreneurs by merely starting a business or even by just owning a profitable business.

Entrepreneurship is not only about freedom from the cubicle of employment and about being your own boss.  It doesn’t only mean self-employment, business start-up or an ownership of a business. Entrepreneurship is cool and honorable, but it’s also tough – tough enough that only few business people evolved as entrepreneurs. Yes, it takes a challenging process of evolution; it takes a lot of sacrifices to reach the point of entrepreneurship. 

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