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Entrepreneur… how cool it is to be called an entrepreneur. But how can one really become a true entrepreneur? A person is not what he calls himself. He’s not even what people call him. A person becomes what he does and what he keeps on doing. We cannot just call ourselves entrepreneurs by merely starting a business or even by just owning a profitable business.

Entrepreneurship is not only about freedom from the cubicle of employment and about being your own boss.  It doesn’t only mean self-employment, business start-up or an ownership of a business. Entrepreneurship is cool and honorable, but it’s also tough – tough enough that only few business people evolved as entrepreneurs. Yes, it takes a challenging process of evolution; it takes a lot of sacrifices to reach the point of entrepreneurship. 

In the following weeks we will delve into the topics of entrepreneurship, we will also be answering questions on the topics. Email or tweet your questions to us and remember we also offer free consultation

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