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It's true many entrepreneurs start their businesses to solve some of the world's problems. Many of these endeavors are started on good intentions, but the ever optimistic entrepreneur soon learns to become good at being B.A.D.
  • B. (Be Brutal) - Your work ethic, your demand for high quality products/services and your honesty with yourself, employees and clients all have to be brutal.
  • A. (Be Aggressive) - As an entrepreneur it's better to ask for forgiveness than for permission. There's no easy way to become an entrepreneur, you have to take action both consciously and consistently. 
  • D. (Be Detached) - Focus on perfecting your products/services and the needs of your clients. There are many distractions and time traps, some of which we can justify {maybe}, but you have to be detached and focused to build a great business.
You know how to start a business concept that you're sure will engage customers and drive profits. So you copy a business plan template out of a book, withdraw some of your savings, and fail within a year. The Small Business Administration reports that half of new businesses fail. In Alabama, over 10,000 businesses bit the dust in 2010 alone. 

If you want your business to succeed then you need something to set you apart. You need a strategy. Many businesses fail because their owners were “too good” -- too good at making and serving food, too good at offering financial services, too good at fashion or home health care. They were so good at what they did that they didn't have time to be good at business. They didn't have time to think about the bottom line as much as they should have, to consult with a financial expert as much as they should have, to really put time and thought into a new professionally designed logo. 

Sound familiar? To have a successful Birmingham business, you need help from someone who knows Birmingham business. At MILBO LLC, we're good at business, we know why businesses fail, and most importantly, we know how to give you the solid ground you need to be a business, not a statistic. And we're willing to show you what we can do for
free. Call today for a FREE consultation, and make a move toward setting yourself apart.

Whether you're an established business or want to launch a brand new one in Birmingham or anywhere else in Alabama, contact the experienced professionals at MILBO, LLC.