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It's true many entrepreneurs start their businesses to solve some of the world's problems. Many of these endeavors are started on good intentions, but the ever optimistic entrepreneur soon learns to become good at being B.A.D.
  • B. (Be Brutal) - Your work ethic, your demand for high quality products/services and your honesty with yourself, employees and clients all have to be brutal.
  • A. (Be Aggressive) - As an entrepreneur it's better to ask for forgiveness than for permission. There's no easy way to become an entrepreneur, you have to take action both consciously and consistently. 
  • D. (Be Detached) - Focus on perfecting your products/services and the needs of your clients. There are many distractions and time traps, some of which we can justify {maybe}, but you have to be detached and focused to build a great business.
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